“I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t believed it” – Marshall McLuhan

Pareidolia is the psychological concept of the brain trying to recognize something in the unfamiliar. Humans like to make something rational out of the unrecognized. This is how someone sees animals and shapes in could and toast. With pareidolia static noise becomes a human voice. Many people begin to believe that they being haunted because they are afraid of being haunted and believe that they are being haunted. Hauntings and the paranormal are extremely popular and being haunted is cool and can lead being famous and having a lifetime movie about their own haunting.




  1. How do we determine the reliability of information and sources found on the web? What effect does the web have on “authority or expert”-based knowledge?

We would use the craap test to determine if a source is reliable. We need to find if the information is recent and reliable. We also need to find if the information in this has been revised or found to be false. The target audience is handy to know because the data could be for audiences with less education on this subject this would lead to little relevant information to the essay. The internet has a strong negative effect on the expert based knowledge. The ability for any person to post anything on any subject, makes finding accurate information much harder.





  • encyclopedia
    • encyclopedia of life
      • specific habitats
      • genus and kingdoms
      • much like Wikipedia
    • Wikipedia
      • Second attempt
      • Started 2001
      • Censorship
        • More editorial judgment
          • Very thoughtful
          • Based on reliability of data
    • Wikipedia game
      • Rules
        • Start with anything
        • Lookup the first thing you don’t know
        • Look up next term
        • And so on
        • Return at beginning
          • Earth is smoother than a billiard ball
      • Earth
      • Furthest point
        • Mount Chimbarazo
      • Tropics
      • Tropical rainforest
      • Beetles
        • Fireflies
      • Pheromone
      • Aphrodisiac
      • Sympathetic magic
      • Cave paintings
      • Hand
      • Chimpanzee
      • Ham the chimp
      • Yuri Gagarin
      •  earth
  • Indigenous knowledge
    • Micronesian navigators
      • Few palu
        • Preist navigators
    • Thousands of miles
    • Synthesis patterns
      • Star paths
      • Bird paths
      • Wave patterns
        • Directions
        • Sequence
      • Color of clouds
    • hulls provided the ability to feel the ocean
    • No instruments
    • Clouds show the weather
  • Phil borges
    • 6000 languages now reducing 3000
    • Tired of spearing oil workers
    • Alaska
      • No heat
      • No running water
      • No windows
      • Has high speed internet
  • What is indigenous knowledge
    • knowledge that is unique to a given culture or society
    • context specific
    • non-formal
    • holistic
    • orally transmitted
    • related to survival
    • encyclopedia
      • Digitization
        • Re capcha
          • Very much like indentured servitude
            • Not getting paid
            • But get something at the end
  • Digital library
    • 1 cent per page
      • Quite cheap
      • That is printed and bound
    • Print on demand
      • Sounds fun
      • Should have a better name
    • Scanned book
      • India
        • 300k scanned of their own books
      • China
        • 1 million scanned
      • Robotic book scanner
        • Page turnings
        • 10 cents a page to scan
          • 30 bucks a book
          • People will actually do this job
          • 15,000 a month
      • Loaning out of print books
    • Audio
      • Rock and roll bands
        • Good as long no one make money
      • $10 an hour
      • things have to be done in masses
      • project guttenberg
        • 40,000 free ebooks
        • Volunteers
          • 20000 people
          • 50,000 books and texts
  • Since 2002
    • 600,000 books
    • Copyright infringement
      • Infringes by simply scanning
        • Applies copy righted texts
          • Without publishers consent
          • Reducing hard copies
            • University of Austin
              • Only e-books
                • 10,000 in copyright
                • 300,000 out of copyright

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